Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four...

Most everyone knows that we grow primarily alfalfa around here, but this year we added some potato's to the harvest. Keith and Ben decided to give away these fine spuds to anyone who wanted them. A Saturday was planned for people to come out and help dig and take their fair share...and boy did they. I think Keith said we gave away around 6 tons of red potato's. One of the days, I decided to take a few pics and I thought it would be fun to share. I hope you enjoy and if you are in need of potato's give us a hollar.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mighty Hunters

This year Ben decided that Jesse was old enough to go on the hunt with Ben...not sure who was happier, Jesse or me. I was pretty proud of the pictures that Ben took on their adventures. Enjoy! PS-you will notice that there is not a picture of a buck. I wonder if that will be the excuse for why Jesse is staying home next year ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

James Gang 2009

Here they are...I have been anticipating these pics for soooooo long! I called my super, fabulous, artistic, cousin up north and we made a deal. I asked if she would take the pics and I would do the editing. Well, she couldn't resist editing some...photographer thing :) I added some of my grunge/dirty background stuff to my liking, but dug the originals too! are amazing and I am so grateful for you and the time you took out of your busy life to create a part of mine. Thanks again. Much love-The James' PS-I could no way decide on one so I am going to cover a wall in different shapes and sizes of all the pics!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesse's undefeated record finally broken...

I have to explain this a little. Four years ago, my sisters and I were all pregnant. We found out they were all exciting this was! I thought 3 little buddies to grow up together. Well, things are not that pretty lol. There is always a fight and my guy Jesse is the meanest of them all. Let me remind you that he is also the smallest. I am hoping as they grow up they will become pals and Hunter will back Jesse's mouth! Between the both of them they should be tuff...Hunter has the mass and Jesse has the attitude. I am sure the future holds some trials for Ben and I as parents. Back to today...Jesse lost this battle for sure. I had a long day at the dentist office and was so excited to be home. I stopped at Grandma Beth's to pick up Jesse and he was playing on the trampoline with Hunter. Five minutes later I was on my way back to Dr.Howards to extract Jesse's two front teeth :( Let me remind you all...Paige knocked out hers on the tub when she was 3 and has been missing them ever since. My poor toothless kids...I hope this pattern quickly changes! After looking at the broke in half root, I then turned my focus to his GI-NORMOUS permanent teeth. For real...he is going to be the biggest geek ever lol! I was worried about the girls, but I don't think we will need to worry about that now :) Anyway, the other picture is of Hunter's head with the two holes from Jesse's teeth. I think I will call it a day...until next time...the good, the bad, the UGLY signing off.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Girls, my girls, talkin' bout my girls!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road Trip

I always look forward to our trips to Wyoming. Ben and I used to travel to Green River often. When my parents retired and sold the home that I grew up in, I will was hard. I felt like a huge part of my life was gone. I actually made Ben do a drive by so I could see it. I have so many memories of GR, and so many people that I love so much. Most of 'mi familia' is still there. This particular trip was a quick, but so much fun. We decided to ride the motorcycle up Thursday for the cage fights and turnaround and drive back Friday. Ben loves UFC...probably more than me ;) Anyway, we got a ringside table and thoroughly enjoyed the bloody brawls...sick, but true. We woke up Friday to pouring rain and pondered what we were going to do. We decided to hit the road and go for it. By Delta, I really wanted to die! My butt hurt sooooo bad! A new seat is definitely in the plans...actually we are considering getting me my own bike (watch out lol). That could be very scary! I promised Ben some new chaps for Father's Day, so we stopped in Orem and bought them. I am thinking SEXY!!! I have found they can be used for more than motorcycle riding...sorry, I could not resist. It is that untamed wild heart coming I have so much more to tell, so I will be posting soon. C-ya

Monday, June 8, 2009

Animal Rescue 911

These last couple of days have been a little on the traumatic side. First, I will tell you about our little friend the burrowing owl. I went on a hike in the East hills Saturday and found this injured burrowing owl. He had a broken wing and I could not just leave him to die, so instead I brought him home to die. Not really, I contacted the bird rescue man in Cedar and was going to drive this owl half way to meet him, but unfortunately he died before that happened. Paige called my mom to tell her of our sad news. My mother asked her what we were going to do and Paige told her we were waiting for Ben to get home so we could have family prayer...this is too funny. It only gets better. We decided to bury Owl in our pet cemetary (our like 7th life). Ben got the shovel and was thrilled he found a soft spot to dig, well little did he know, he was digging up Bunny Foo Foo. I heard Ben say "oh crap" and start covering up something before the kids could see. I am dying I type this. We finally laid owl to rest and decided to start marking the graves, so that does not happen again. That was the end of our friend Owl's story. On to the next...Scarface. Last night, Paige came running in the house yelling for me to come and see. I could tell it was serious, so I ran out to find a kitty missing half of its face..for real. I was freaking out! Ben came out and was like what is hanging on its face...I said "its face". It was totally disgusting! Ben got some scissors and removed the mass of nastiness off of her poor face. We are not sure what happened to this kitty, but I could not let him end her life if she survived this already. So today, the kids and I made a trip to the vet. Yep, $75 bucks later we now have a new member of the family. I'm sorry about the picture, but I had to show to prove how bad it really is. I hope I am teaching my kids compassion, but Ben said that Jesse is going to be a sissy because of it. Oh well...we will love Scarface until he gets hit by a car.